Saturday, January 11, 2014

We Only Part to Meet Again - RIP Miguel Javier Figueroa-Marzan

God gained another angel today. A fabulous one. A flamboyant, kind-hearted, dependable person. Miguel Javier Figueroa-Marzan got his wings today. The news of your passing hit me hard. You were a terrific friend to others and me. You stood by those who hurt you even when others told you not to. You always tried to do the right thing. You drove me to the point of pulling my hair out like any little brother would do. We could go weeks, months even, without talking to each other and then out of the blue we'd have one conversation and it was like old times at Crooms during Gamer's Club and Anime Club. We looked out for each other, when it came to fake friends, relationships, annoying teachers, everything. No secrets between us. I am truly grateful that I got to have you in my life You were one of the few rainbows, pun intended, that kept my world colorful. I'm sorry that we bickered that last time we talked. I'm sorry that I didn't come see you before you went to St. Pete. The number one thing I'm sorry for, is not getting to say goodbye and thank you. Watch over us Miguel. Keep our skies from fading to grey. We promise to keep living til we meet again.

Rest In Piece MickeyAvi. Till We Meet Again.


  1. im sorry for your loss :*( , I worked with his father Mario, and I was shocked by the news too. Please show support to his family

  2. Today is a week since my son went away. I'm still trying to comprehend that I no longer will hear his voice, laugh, receive a kiss or a hug from him. He truly is my ANGEL. He touched many souls during his short time in Earth and the love he spread among us is beyond anyone can imagine. My heart, my soul, my whole self cries everyday and hope that one day I'll be able to overcome your loss.